Identifying and Supporting English Learner Students with Learning Disabilities: Key Issues in the Literature and State Practice

From the publisher: "This review of research and policy literature distils several key elements of processes that can help identify and support English learner students with learning disabilities. It also describes current guidelines and protocols used by the 20 states with the largest populations of English learner students. This report informs education leaders who are setting up processes to determine which English learner students may need placement in special education programs as opposed to other assistance."

Content Comments 

The purposes of this literature review are effectively stated and generally met. Intended users, including policymakers and educators, may find that the findings and recommendations are not necessarily new, such as the recommendation to use multiple measures to identify ELLs with disabilities. Nevertheless, this is a comprehensive literature review using an effective methodology. Some may feel that the language is a bit on the academic side, but most users are likely familiar with the terminology. If not, the authors provide a nice glossary of terms. Utility should be reasonably high, especially given the shortage of quality publications on this important topic. Evidence of effectiveness is not described, but a possible impact on learning is reasonably expected.