Illinois Assessment Literacy Training Module

This website contains a 39-page guide, Guiding Principles for Classroom Assessment, that discusses assessment design, preparation, analysis, and quality (reliability, validity, cultural diversity, and fairness). A 4.5-minute webinar, Introduction to Balanced Assessment, gives an overview of a balanced assessment system and discusses the differences between summative and formative assessment. (Please scroll down the page to the webinar.)

Content Comments 

Although this assessment literacy web site does not state a specific purpose, it does contain ample information to help educators and others learn more about assessment, in essence, to become assessment literate. The web site draws from other high quality resources but also provides free access to their own excellent resources. While the web site design and communications quality, such as the text turned to videos, could be improved, the overall quality is exceptional. States, districts, and schools should find the resources on this web site very useful. While evidence of effectiveness is not addressed, the overall high quality suggests a substantial impact on learning.