Illinois State Board of Education Student Assessment Inventory for School Districts

The Illinois State Board of Education, with permission from Achieve, has adapted the Student Assessment Inventory for School Districts (see Related Resources below) to address the state's local contexts and uses of assessments. Much of the content is found in this document is also found in the Achieve resource. The document provides a rationale for inventorying assessments and links to resources that districts can reference for more information. In addition, the state has created a companion document, the "Assessment Inventory Facilitation Process," which is an abridged version of this document which includes just the five steps in the assessment inventory process.

Content Comments 

This document provides an example of how a state can adapt Achieve's Assessment Inventory to serve its needs. Not only did the Illinois Department of Education keep this document short, and therefore accessible to busy district administrators, but it also provided an abridged version with just the five steps and accompanying worksheets needed for the inventory process. Given the document's brevity and that it follows Achieve's process, this document is of high utility to the districts that engage in inventorying assessments in an effort to reduce the number of tests that students need to take.