Including English Learners in Your State Title I Accountability Plan

This brief accompanies the technical paper, Incorporating English Learner Progress into State Accountability Systems (Goldschmidt & Hakuta, 2017) and provides guidance to state teams about including ELs most effectively in their Title I accountability plan. The technical paper by Goldschmidt and Hakuta provided very detailed models for states to consider when developing its own accountability system and how it captures status and growth of ELs. This brief provides a more general overview of the technical paper and key takeaways that may be helpful to state team members in deciding which model on ELs' growth to adopt in the state's accountability system.

Content Comments 

This four-page document is an accessible summary of the technical paper referenced above (and linked below under Related Resources). To fully understand this paper's key points, the reader should read the technical paper. This brief lists seven key elements to keep in mind as state leaders set goals for writing a state accountability plan. Also included are four key takeaways that may be helpful in state's decision-making process in thinking about what to include in a state plan.