Item Writing Guides and Item Exemplars (ELA & Math)

CSAI has developed two resources to support educators interested in deepening their knowledge of assessment design and assessment literacy. These two resources, specific to English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics, are designed to enhance educators' ability to recognize and create high-quality assessment items. Because the content contained in the resources sequentially build, educators using the guides are strongly advised to read from beginning to end. The first part of the guide provides readers with foundational information about item development. The second half of the guide offers opportunities to apply learning through the study of detailed exemplars, organized by grade level.

Content Comments 

The resource guides can be used by educators interested in developing high-quality assessment items that they can use in their own classrooms. The exemplars are particularly useful in supporting nuanced understanding about assessment item development. These include a range of examples with detailed explanations about the quality of each item.