The Learning Activation Lab: Tools

The Learning Activation Lab is a national research and design group that seeks to learn and demonstrate ways to activate and engage children in learning and innovation in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. The organization defines learning activation as “a state composed of dispositions, practices, and knowledge that enables success in proximal science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics learning experience.” Researchers affiliated with the Learning Activation Lab have developed and tested a variety of survey instruments, interview and observation protocols, and other instruments for use in their research efforts. The instruments are free to use.

Content Comments 

There are nine surveys and one observation protocol available to download from the Learning Activation Lab. The surveys are designed to be used by students 10-14 years old, and survey scales assess individual students across multiple dimensions of science and STEM learning activation. These dimensions include fascination, values, and competency belief. The information for each instrument includes construct descriptions, intended uses of the measure, technical quality (e.g., reliability, scoring), psychometric properties, and the instrument itself.