Leveraging Mindset Science to Design Educational Environments That Nurture People's Natural Drive to Learn

To address the important role of student motivation in the learning process, this brief provides an overview of students' mindsets related to learning and school-related beliefs. The brief addresses how student mindsets impact their sense of competence, connections to others, and persistence in spite of challenges, and how these mindsets relate to school engagement. Students' mindsets can be adjusted to encourage motivation to learn and engage in school. This brief provides suggestions for how principles from mindset science can be applied to this process of shifting students' mindsets to nurture students' inherent drive to learn.

Content Comments 

This brief contains valuable information for teachers, administrators, and school staff to consider when creating and implementing effective learning environments. Classrooms that are designed to account for students' different motivations processes can increase student perspectives towards schooling. The design characteristics of inclusive K–16 learning environments (p. 7) may be of particular interest.