A List of Non-Cognitive Assessment Instruments

From the Community College Research Center at Teachers College, this resource lists assessment instruments on "non-cognitive skills" for college-age students. As described in the resource, non-cognitive skills promote "students’ ability to think cogently about information, manage their time, get along with peers and instructors, persist through difficulties, and navigate the varied landscape of academic and nonacademic requirements" (p. 1). The list of instruments found in this resource aim to assess these non-cognitive skills and characteristics in college students. It is important to note that information on whether an instrument is more suitable or effective than another is not included in this resource; however, the author directs the reader to another resource that provides the strengths and limitations of many of the instruments listed.

Content Comments 

"Non-cognitive skills" is a popular term found in the literature and is one of the many terms used in lieu of social and emotional learning (SEL). This resource includes a very readable table of assessments and provides basic information on the factors assessed in each instrument and how it is administered. Links to where each instrument is found is also included in the table. This resource uniquely targets assessments for college-age students, and some of the instruments may be applicable for college-bound, high school students.