Listen to Us: Teacher Views and Voices

This survey, conducted by the Center on Education Policy (CEP), provides insight into teachers’ feelings regarding current education issues and their profession.  This national survey of K-12 public school teachers was conducted in the winter of 2015-16. The survey focused on a strategic set of issues, including teachers’ views on their profession, standards, testing, and evaluations. The nationally representative sample surveyed for this report included elementary, middle, and high school teachers of a range of subjects in a variety of communities across the nation.

Content Comments 

This resource meets its objective for providing information and awareness of teacher perceptions regarding a number of contemporary educational issues. It adds value for policy makers considering the Every Student Succeeds Act and revisions to state and local assessment and accountability measures. The presented information is lengthy but well-summarized and organized, providing charts and tables illustrating findings that provide a synopsis of teacher opinions and responses to survey topics and questions.