Literacy for the Science Classroom: Think, Read, Talk, and Write Like a Scientist

This archived webinar, presenting essential features of the science practices outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards, offers opportunities for high school students to develop disciplinary literacy. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking in the science discipline are the key communication processes presented to develop knowledge of scientific ideas as well as the ways in which scientists develop that knowledge. The resource highlights the NGSS practices of "Constructing Explanations" and "Engaging in Argument form Evidence" and how the Common Core State Standards ELA/Literacy in Science support or contrast with these practices.

Content Comments 

This resource serves as an example of professional development for scientific literacy implementation at the high school level, providing a model of student engagement and use of all forms of communication to implement the three dimensions of the NGSS. Participants engage in a deep analysis of the articulation between scientific inquiry and practices in the NGSS as they relate to literacy standards in the Common Core.