Make Assessment Work for All Students: Multiple Measures Matter

This is the third installment from NWEA of a study focused on stakeholder perceptions relative to K-12 assessment practices. This segment titled, Make Assessment Work for All Students: Multiple Measures Matter, provides opinions from various stakeholders through the examination of student, parent, teacher, principal and administrator perceptions of assessment. The study provides a comprehensive look at perceptions of K-12 assessment among the full range of education stakeholders, using national surveys of superintendents, principals, teachers, parents and students. It provides a snapshot of opinions at a time when the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) calls for the development of accountability measures that utilize “multiple measures.”

Content Comments 

The timing of this study, which gathered data in January and February 2016, provides insight into how school administrators and principals are thinking about ESSA in the first few months of the law, along with parent and student perceptions on assessment practices and purpose. The report is easy to read and provides informative graphics illustrating its findings. The study concludes with a number of recommendations that could be useful as SEAs and districts consider their redesign of assessment measures and systems as a result of new ESSA guidelines.