Making Career Readiness Count

The purpose of this brief is to ensure that the “career” in states’ college- and career-ready standards is not an afterthought but features prominently in states’ accountability and public reporting systems. The brief examines how states are currently using career-focused indicators in accountability and in public reporting systems, and it highlights several states that are creating more comprehensive systems that value career readiness. The brief also offers recommendations for states to better incorporate indicators and measures focused on career preparation for students. Supplemental resources for this brief, including a webinar and slide deck, can be found in the "Additional Resource" box here:

Content Comments 

The purposes of this publication are effectively described in its introduction and title. The methodology used appears reasonable. The publication provides a helpful emphasis on career readiness for state standards and accountability systems. The recommendations should be especially helpful to state policymakers; however, the authors could have placed more emphasis on capacity and high quality teaching, which are essential elements necessary for improvement of any educational system. Communications quality is excellent, and although it does not address any evidence of its effectiveness, it is reasonable to infer that this publication will have a positive impact on learning.