Math in a Cultural Context

Math in a Cultural Context (MCC) is set of interrelated, federally-funded projects that collaborate with Yup’ik elders, teachers, and Alaskan school districts to create culturally-based curriculum materials. MCC has produced supplemental mathematics modules (three for grade 2, one for grades 3–5, and six for grade 6). This site provides an overview of the project and its purpose, as well as sample lessons from the various modules. Included in the site is a link to MCC videos that show examples of culturally-based mathematics instruction. Though the MCC modules are for sale, the site does include a number of potential resources, as well as articles about the larger context of MCC work within schools.

From the Publisher: "Math in a Cultural Context has developed the tools necessary to improve students’ understanding of mathematics both visually and kinesthetically. Each tool offers an ample amount of mathematical versatility, applicable anywhere from kindergarten through sixth grade. Their capabilities of modeling many concepts found in the Alaskan Common Core Math Standards can significantly improve your classroom."

Content Comments 

The purposes of this resource are clearly described in an opening paragraph and the subsequent research shows that the curriculum works.  The videos on the web site are a bit difficult to get through and some of the pre- and post-test materials seem fairly standard. But the products seem worth a try. Communications quality is good. All materials are easy to read and understand. Note that because this is not a free resource, my review is limited to only the materials on the web site. Utility should be quite high. Evidence of effectiveness is a strong point and suggests a positive impact on learning.