Mathematical Thinking: Supports for English Language Learners

The resource offers 14 tasks that come from the Fostering Geometrical Thinking Toolkit (FGTT). Each task includes a warm up, sentence starters and frames, word charts, support notes, and Spanish translation. This resource places an important emphasis on supporting and scaffolding the development of academic language. Not only are students provided with sentence starters and frames, teachers are provided with a word chart that identifies key words and phrases and their academic language versions, everyday language meaning, other forms of the word and/or phrase, related words or phrases, and translations in three languages (Spanish, French, and Portuguese). 

Content Comments 

The tasks, while a useful resources to engage support English learners in geometrical thinking, need to be modified and adapted for instruction. For example, these tasks would benefit from additional visuals, as well as the addition of auditory supports and scaffolds. They should also be supplemented with increased opportunities for English learners to communicate their reasoning in multiple ways. It may also be helpful to contextualize these tasks for students by connecting them to real world situations and scenarios. This resource is a useful tool for teachers to engage and support English Learners in geometrical thinking. While these resources could be found useful for all teachers, they are specifically geared towards teachers of the middle grades.