Measuring the Monitoring Progress K-12 STEM Education Indicators: A Road Map

This roadmap provides information for measuring and reporting on the 14 STEM Education Indicators as described by the National Research Council’s report on monitoring successful science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) K-12 programs. SRI’s roadmap summarizes available data on each indicator and proposes more detailed operational definitions, as well as actions and future work needed for collection of enhanced data. The target audience for this resource include state and local educators interested in STEM measures and researchers interested in improving future measures of STEM education quality.

Content Comments 

Each of the 14 indicators includes the following information: priority level (high/medium/low), operational definition (and suggested methods to measure the indicator), available data, near-term modifications and activities, additional research needs, and long-term modifications and activities. Information for each indicator is about 5 pages long. Readers can easily browse through indicators and peruse the ones that interest them. A handy table at the end of report nicely summarizes the data available on each indicator and activities needed to make the indicator a robust measure of its intended target. This resource may be more informative for researchers, but it can provide useful information for educators at any level interested in measuring STEM program quality. For more information from SRI on the indicators, visit the STEM Indicators website.