Moving Toward Equity Data Review Tool: Getting Started With Equitable Access Data

Adapted from the publisher's summary:

"The Moving Toward Equity Data Review Tool and its supporting resources are intended to help education leaders understand and assess equitable access data to support a root-cause analysis and, ultimately, draft a State Plan to Ensure Equitable Access to Excellent Educators. The activities in this tool introduce metrics, [address] staff capacity for analyzing equitable access data, and provide tools to communicate what the data suggest about the equitable access challenges in your state. [The tool is intended] to help states analyze the policy implications of…data, and present the findings to a variety of audiences effectively." 

Content Comments 

This tool clearly states its goals and generally meets them, although it could provide greater detail about federal requirements that have led to this tool's need. Use of the tool requires access to a number of other publications and to the on-line version and state data. Because the tool is in response to federal requirements, its use is likely limited to state departments of education. The tool does not address application of findings, although that is likely covered in other documents. Communications quality is ok, although the language used is on the technical side. This is a tool that would be helped by supporting evidence that at least a few states who have used it have managed to make improvements in teaching equity. Unfortunately none is included in the tool itself.