Is NAEP Math Out of Step with the States?

The authors of this publication analyze the possibility that NAEP mathematics assessments may be misaligned to the shifting goals of mathematics education in the United States. Comparing NAEP mathematics standards to both Common Core and non-Common Core state mathematics standards, the authors conclude that misalignment occurs frequently, especially with NAEP mathematics 4th and 8th grade standards. The authors recommend that the NAEP frameworks be reviewed and updated to reflect these important shifts in mathematics education. 

Content Comments 

The purpose of this publication is best described in the title, Is NAEP Math Out of Step with the States?, from which we can infer that the authors plan to provide evidence supporting a "yes" answer to their own question. They use reasonable methodology to support their main points, supported by their own research and work from well-recognized assessment and subject matter experts.

Communications quality is good, although it could be improved by a better introduction and conclusion, both of which are overly general. The paper should encourage the National Assessment Governing Board to review the NAEP mathematics frameworks and assessments with the goal of improving alignment to state standards and practices. Consequently, utility should be quite high. Although evidence of effectiveness is not discussed, a potential improvement in national assessment is possible.