Newcomer Tool Kit

This tool kit is designed to support educators and school staff in implementing and improving programs for immigrant students, including asylees, refugees, and their families. The stated goals of this resource are to help teachers, school leaders, and school site personnel expand opportunities for newcomers, realize our legal obligations to newcomers, provide welcoming classrooms and schools, provide rigorous academic and language supports, and support the development of newcomers’ social emotional skills. The tool kit includes knowledge-building summaries, clearly articulated recommendations and school-based strategies, as well as resources to use for professional development and home-school connections. The tool kit has five chapters: (1) Who Are Our Newcomers? (2) Welcoming Newcomers to a Safe and Thriving School Environment, (3) Providing High-Quality Instruction for Newcomer Students, (4) Supporting Newcomers’ Social Emotional Needs, and (5) Establishing Partnerships with Families.

Content Comments 

This resource is comprehensive and provides both research-based and policy-based guidance. The chapters are organized to support multiple purposes including serving as a reference document or as a ready-to-use plan for small- and large-scale professional development. The authors state that additional guidance connected to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) will be added as this resource is updated.