NGSS Demystified: A Toolkit for Training Teachers

This toolkit, provided by the California Academy of Sciences, facilitates training of K-12 educators on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The toolkit is organized into roughly 30-minute activities designed to introduce and familiarize educators with the NGSS, as well as each of its three dimensions (Science and Engineering Practices [SEPs], Disciplinary Core Ideas [DCIs], and Crosscutting Concepts [DCIs]). Each activity includes a customizable power point presentation with slide notes along with preplanned activities designed to introduce, explore, and promote conversation around the NGSS. 

Content Comments 

This free, downloadable toolkit is designed to help facilitate the training of K-12 educators in NGSS and focuses on what NGSS is, how it is different from traditional standards, as well has how and why each of its three dimensions are important aspects of the NGSS. The information is clearly presented in an easy-to-follow logical progression and is easily customizable to fit different levels of understanding. This toolkit gives presenters tools to help clarify educators' misconceptions, misunderstanding, or uncertainties about the NGSS as NGSS is being rolled-out and adopted in classrooms.