NSTA Web Seminar Series

This seminar series offers archives of ‘live webinars’ from Spring of 2012 to early 2015, providing support for educators to increase their understanding of the standards and their implementation in the classroom.  Authors and advisors of the NGSS standards share insights, emphasizing the standards with inclusion of the three dimensions and how they come together in instruction. Video clips show in-depth explanations of specific standards at each grade level, inviting listeners to reflect upon students' ways of making sense of data, constructing claims, and integratng language, mathematics, and science. Interviews with educators shed light on familiarity with activities, but mainly on how the instruction of science through practices applied to real world situations in a coherent storyline yields a very different learning experience, as evidenced in the video and debrief provided. The webinars also offer supportive options for teachers to work together within their learning communities to reinforce and implement the standards.

Content Comments 

This resource is highly relevant for educators beginning to implement the standards or seeking tangible examples of their implementation. Professional developers and district personnel may also reference the video examples and resources for each series. During the webinar, links are provided for additional resources. From a historical perspective to a very effective application, each webinar and the entire series will inform audiences at any entry level of knowledge about the Next Generation Science Standards and their vision. Each webinar archive lasts approximately 90 minutes and can be watched in its entirety, or the user may zoom in to capture essential information. The initial setup requires downloading the audio software through Collaborate with a guided process. The clarity and utility of the webinar window is excellent. Earlier webinars emphasize the development and introduction of the standards, while those from 2014 to 2015 cover implementation.