Opt Out: An Examination of Issues

During the past few years, media reports have highlighted an increase in the number of parents who are opting their children out of annual state tests, often called the opt-out movement. In this paper, researcher Randy Bennett examines issues related to the movement including: the amount of time that students spend taking tests, the number and types of students most often opting out, public and teacher views of assessment, the role of assessment in the educational process, and what the assessment community might do in response. 

Content Comments 

The content of this paper is excellent. Researcher Randy Bennett addresses an important assessment topic, uses appropriate methodology in his presentation of key opt-out issues, and displays fairness across the board including his discussion and recommendations. Communications quality is excellent, if a bit strong on the research end. 

Utility should be very high. This article could well be considered a must-read for any assessment policy course. Researchers, educators, and policymakers will all find this a valuable resource. The high quality of the article, together with Bennett's expertise, suggest a positive impact on both assessment policy and student learning.