Parent Roadmaps to the Common Core Standards - English Language Arts

The parent roadmaps provide guidance for parents about what their children are learning in grades K–8 and high school. It also provides grade-specific questions for parents to ask teachers regarding their children's progress and grade strategies for parents to use to support their children at home. The roadmaps also display a three-year alignment that includes the preceding and following grade level to demonstrate the yearly progression students are expected to accomplish on their journey to being college and career ready. All roadmaps for both English language arts and mathematics are available in both English and Spanish.

Content Comments 

The parent roadmaps are very accessible. They are short documents and provide visual examples and straightforward explanations of the standards and expectations of each grade level. The recommended questions and strategies for parents to use to support their children's learning are grade- and subject-specific, and they focus on key standards and essential understandings.