Performance Assessment Resource Bank

Performance assessments require students to construct an original response rather than bubbling or filling in a correct answer. This website provides teachers, leaders, and policymakers with high-quality, expert-reviewed performance tasks, tools, and resources aligned to college and career ready standards in K-12 math, ELA, science, and history/social studies. In addition, this website includes tools and resources designed by educators and assessment experts to support the use of performance tasks in classrooms, schools, and systems, including their development, review, and scoring. According to the website, users can learn how to integrate performance tasks within curriculum and instruction, use learning progressions and trajectories as part of assessment, have portfolios of learning that include performance assessment, and explore policies that support a comprehensive system of assessment that incorporates performance tasks.

Content Comments 

Access to materials on this website requires a free and easy sign-in. Once users have signed in, they can personalize their account by rating and saving resources onto their dashboards. Additionally, this website allows for users to contribute the website by submitting their resource for review and inclusion into the bank. The resource bank from from this website includes many high-quality resources found on CSAI's Resource Library, but the targeted content (i.e., resources focused on performance assessments) makes it nicely accessible for RCC, SEA, and LEA leaders and educators to find resources to fit their needs.