Planning Instruction to Meet the Intent of the Next Generation Science Standards

In this paper, the authors examine how to design instruction to support students in meeting a cluster or ‘‘bundle’’ of Performance Expectations (PEs) and how to blend the three dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) to develop lesson-level PEs that can be used for guiding instruction.

A detailed 10-step process is provided, along with links to resources available for preservice and inservice experiences to facilitate NGSS implementation.

Content Comments 

This 175-page resource provides valuable insights for the process of developing instruction that is grounded in the vision and innovation of the three dimensions in the NGSS. From an overview of the dimensions and how they work together, to designing instruction to build understanding of the PEs with illustrated examples and step-by-step processes, users will find it easy to follow. It is also supported with graphics and clear guidelines. It is an excellent guiding tool for NGSS professional development.