Primary Evaluation of Essential Criteria (PEEC) for Next Generation Science Standards Instructional Materials Design

The Primary Evaluation of Essential Criteria (PEEC) for Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Instructional Materials Design is a resource that helps educators evaluate NGSS-related instructional material programs. PEEC is based on two National Research Council publications: A Framework for K-12 Science Education and Guide to Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards. PEEC has three main purposes:

  • Bring clarity to the complicated and parallel processes of selecting and developing high quality instructional materials designed for the NGSS,
  • Help educators and developers to focus on the critical innovations within the NGSS via a process to dig deeply into instructional materials programs to evaluate their presence, and
  • Answer the question “How thoroughly are these science instructional materials programs designed for the NGSS?”

According to authors, "PEEC can be used by educators to evaluate the NGSS design of textbooks as well as comprehensive science instructional materials programs designed to include different units, kits, modules, textbooks, textbook series, or web-based instructional materials, including open educational resources. PEEC enables curriculum developers to more easily create and refine instructional materials, and do so knowing that their efforts are focused on the same NGSS innovations that schools, districts, and states will be using to select their instructional materials."

For a more detailed overview to PEEC, visit its NGSS webpage.


Content Comments 

PEEC is both a guidance document and tool to help educators review instructional materials for quality and alignment to the NGSS. However, to effectively use the PEEC, the authors suggest that evaluators and developers be : 1) comfortable navigating the NGSS (including its appendices), 2) fluent in the language of the Framework, and 3) have experience applying the EQuIP Rubric for Science to evaluate units. This resource describes how PEEC can be used by educators from different levels - state, district, and writers and developers. Then it describes the three phases of the PEEC evaluation process.  A glossary of terms, tables, and forms are features of the resource that help educators implement the PEEC in their contexts.