Professional Development: Introduction to the Math Shifts

The Introduction to the Math Shifts Module is a 1–4 hour module that provides an introduction to the key shifts required by the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM). The module is meant to be customized and tailored to meet the needs of educators. Professional development facilitators are especially encouraged to customize any or all portions of the module to meet the needs of any particular audience. The module includes the following resources.

  • User’s Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation on the key instructional shifts required by the CCSS for Mathematics
  • Handouts to facilitate and encourage reflective processing of the shifts
  • Activities regarding focus, coherence, and rigor meant to strengthen your understanding of the shifts
  • Related research and readings that can be used in professional learning communities (PLCs)
Content Comments 

When using this resource, you are encouraged to read the User's Guide first. It is a detailed guide for the self-learner and/or professional development facilitator. The guide includes a summary of the contents of the module, followed by suggestions for using the module—whether you have one hour or two. There is a summary of each of the activities and full references/links for all papers, videos, and other web resources.

For access to the videos that are embedded in this professional development, see the resource Video Resources for Professional Development: Introduction to the Math Shifts.