Professional Learning Modules for the Common Core State Standards: Assessment Literacy

As part of its Common Core State Standards (CCSS) professional learning module series, the California Department of Education, in collaboration with the San Joaquin Valley County Office of Education, has developed an online module focused on the topic of assessment literacy. The resource is designed to provide educators with knowledge and understanding that supports their ability to use assessment as part of ongoing instruction. The module is organized into seven units, beginning with an introduction to assessment and culminating with a section dedicated to appropriate and effective use of assessment data. Each unit includes examples of the unit topics, ranging from examples of planning CCSS-aligned classroom assessment methods to videos of classrooms illustrating assessment practices in action. The module also includes multiple opportunities for reflection.

Content Comments 

Although the entire module may take close to nine hours to complete, educators will value the depth and organization of the module’s units. The unit sections are relevant and helpful in supporting educators to plan learning targets aligned to the CCSS, match appropriate assessment methods to measure learning targets, support English language learners using linguistic accommodation, and regularly incorporate strategies for checking for understanding. Unit 3, Assessment Literacy for Educators, helps educators to dig deeper into assessment literacy as it attempts to answer the following questions: 

  • Why do we assess students? 
  • What are the purposes of student assessment?
  • Who are the users of assessment? 
  • How do educators use assessment information?

Finally, educators using this module as part of an ongoing professional learning community (PLC) will find value in the practical activities and examples, additional readings, and suggested activities.