Professional Learning Modules for the Common Core State Standards - Literacy in Science

The California Department of Education, in partnership with the California Science Project, WestEd/K-12 Alliance, the Orange County Office of Education, and the Riverside County Office of Education, has developed a series of professional learning modules focused on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The resource discussed in this review is specifically focused on "Literacy in Science" and targets practitioners. The learning module is organized into six units. Each unit is designed to provide practitioners with learning activities that highlight specific instructional literacy practices that are aligned with the CCSS and integral to science learning. Each unit includes classroom lesson and student work examples, as well as opportunities for practitioners to connect what they are learning to their own classroom practice. An added feature is that, as practitioners engage in each unit, there are multiple opportunities for them to observe literacy in action through videos of lessons, reflect on their learning with an online notetaking platform, and keep track of their learning with pre- and post-assessments. The professional learning module also includes two units dedicated to supporting practitioners as they prepare and plan to work with English language learners and subsequently engage in instructional planning of lessons using the literacy practices highlighted in the module units.

Content Comments 

The resource is noteworthy because of the explicit connections that are made between classroom practice, CCSS literacy integration, and science inquiry. A feature that will resonate with practitioners is the option to engage with lessons, student work, and standards that best match their grade-span. (Choices include examples from grades 1, 5, and 8, and HS chemistry).