Promising State Policies for Personalized Learning

This report was designed for state policymakers with an interest in advancing policies to support personalized learning. It provides examples of promising state policies that help scale and enable practices supporting this approach to educational opportunities for students. The paper’s intent is to inform and make available examples from states that create supportive policy environments relative to personalized learning. The report highlights specific policies that leaders in other states could replicate.

Content Comments 

This paper is useful in its profile of various state efforts developing competency based personalized learning initiatives.  The report begins with an introduction and definition of personalized learning and then continues with promising practices framed by three profiles; states getting started, states moving forward and those taking a comprehensive statewide approach.  It includes a brief section that discusses assessment and changes relative to ESSA that are relevant to this topic.  The information provided is easily accessible with state examples and resources for further exploration by the reader.