Raising the Bar: Implementing Common Core State Standards for Latino Student Success

The purpose of this implementation guide is to inform state education leaders on key elements and questions that will help them build effective strategies to ensure educational success for Latino and English language learner (ELL) children and families. The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) believes that the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) represents an opportunity to improve education for Latino students. This guide poses questions related to implementation of the CCSS and ELLs for state policymakers to consider for the following areas: state and district implementation plans, implications for students and teachers, assessments, and active parent and community participation.

Content Comments 

The purposes of this implementation guide are effectively stated in its title and detailed introduction. The contents support these purposes, although the exact methodology, authorship, or process for writing the guide are not described. The questions raised and ansered in the guide are helpful. The following recommendation, for example, is right on target: "So that former ELLs are not lost in mainstream classes, states should require school districts to monitor all recently reclassified ELL students for the first two school years after their exit from ELL classes." Communications quality is acceptable, although there are a few formatting issues. Utility should be quite high, especially for policymakers, the primary intended audience. The guide is a bit dated, though, with most states already implementing or addressing many of the guides' questions or recommendations. The overall quality suggests a probable impact on learning for Latino students.