READi (Reading, Evidence, and Argumentation in Disciplinary Instruction)

This resource highlights the work of the Strategic Literacy Initiative at WestEd, and its correlation to the goals and vision of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), through a collaborative study with the University of Illinois at Chicago and others from 2010–2015. READi (Reading, Evidence, and Argumentation in Disciplinary Instruction) is engaging teachers to understand the cognitive processes that students will need to draw on in the course of developing evidence-based arguments, as well as to design the instructional interventions that will support students, and is designing research studies to measure the efficacy of the project interventions.

Content Comments 

The connection to the NGSS through this study is only one of the ways in which the Strategic Literacy Initiative is working toward disciplinary literacy in adolescents, by facilitating professional development to their teachers. Nearly two decades of work under the umbrella of the Reading Apprenticeship also provides insights and resources for educators and their professional development needs.