Refugee Children in U.S. Schools: A Toolkit for Teachers and School Personnel

This collection of resources is for schools and educators seeking to support refugee students, who are often newcomer English learners, in the areas of child welfare, parent involvement, social integration, and other topics specifically connected to refugees. The stated purposes of this toolkit are to facilitate information-sharing among schools that are serving refugee children, provide tools for professional development, and raise awareness of the specific needs of refugee children in schools. Topics include: (1) The Birthdates of Refugee Children and the Impact on Grade Placement; (2) Schools and Refugee-Serving Agencies: How to Start or Strengthen Collaboration; (3) Refugee Child Welfare: Guidance for Schools; (4) Refugee and Immigrant Youth and Bullying: Frequently Asked Questions; (5) Federal Requirements to Provide Interpretation/Translation in Schools; and (6) Enrolling Refugee Children in U.S. Schools.

Content Comments 

This collection of resources is practical, comprehensive, and frequently updated. It may be useful for school district personnel, teachers, administrators of newcomer centers, state departments of education, and individuals working with the resettlement of refugee families.