Research Brief: Designing an Assessment System that Measures Three-Dimensional Science Learning

From the publishers: "Many districts and states need an assessment system that aligns with the NRC Framework for K-12 Science Education and NGSS to determine whether students are developing proficiency in science and whether students have adequate opportunities for “three- dimensional” science learning that blends (a) science and engineering practices, (b) crosscutting concepts, and (c) disciplinary core ideas."  

Content Comments 

The purposes of this article are stated more in its title rather than its contents. However, in general this summary of a larger report achieves its primary purpose: to promote a three-dimensional science assessment system. While the three-dimensional assessment recommendation seems reasonable, the author could improve the article considerably by providing specific evidence. The author includes a large number of hyperlinks, primarily to the broader NRC report, that, while helpful, may create a visual distraction. Some of the sentences are overly long. The first sentence for example, is over 50 words. The reader will encounter a fair amount of academic language. Utility should be reasonable with a possible impact on learning.