Sample Student Assessment Reports

From the publisher: "Achieve has gone through the process of developing sample student assessment reports to enhance understanding about how to more effectively communicate assessment results to teachers, school leaders and families. Families and educators need access to more helpful information to understand student progress toward and beyond college and career readiness. Our specific intent is to inform states that are developing and implementing new, innovative college- and career-ready assessments."  

This web page provides adaptable student assessment reports in mathematics and English language arts for multiple grade levels. Sample communications materials are also available. 

Content Comments 

The purposes of this resource are effectively stated and met, providing states, school districts, and schools with a series of adaptable test-score report templates. The development and review process is excellent, using effective methods. Communications quality is outstanding, incorporating plain English with quality designs that communicate student, classroom, and school performance effectively. The communications tools are equally helpful. Any state, district, or school is likely to find these templates and related tools useful. This is a very well-done resource.