Science Assessments: Innovations in the Next Generation of State Assessments

The Alliance for Excellent Education and the K-12 Center at ETS collaborated to present this webinar discussing options for science assessment aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The webinar provided an overview of the NGSS, and panelists discussed activities in states that have adopted them; outlined options for assessment; and described efforts already underway in Kentucky. The webinar featured the following panelists: Nancy A. Doorey, Director of Programs, K–12 Center (ETS); Karen Kidwell, Director, Office of Program Standards, Kentucky Department of Education; Stephen L. Pruitt, PhD, Senior Vice President, Achieve, Inc.; Robert Rothman, Senior Fellow, Alliance for Excellent Education; and Kathleen Scalise, PhD, Associate Professor of Education, University of Oregon.

Content Comments 

This webinar provides an overview of the NGSS, and presents both assessment-related issues that must be addressed and different options for designing NGSS assessments. The participants provide valuable perspectives, from the lead of NGSS development at Achieve to a representative from Kentucky, the second state to adopt the NGSS, where implementation is well underway. Policymakers and assessment developers will find this webinar informative due to the varied perspectives and insightful discussion of NGSS assessment design and implementation.