Seeds of Science Roots of Reading

The Learning Design Group of the Lawrence Hall of Science, co-directed by Dr. Jacqueline Barber and Dr. David Pearson, is a research-based curriculum development project for educational K-8 science programs that offers 33 effective strategies on how to incorporate science text into the classroom. The Learning Design Group supports the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards in curriculum for K-8 kids through online existing presentations and face-to-face professional development.

Power Points of previous presentations at national and regional conferences on key integration of science and literacy, academic language development, and deep science learning with simulations incorporating effective disciplinary practices are among the resources available to educators. Argumentation, claim building, close reading, and text inquiry are all integral components of this program and their professional development offerings. There are units available for review and a clear description of their development process, which is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Content Comments 

The research base on instruction for English learners in science is notable, and efficacy studies of the program highlight the success of their approach to science and literacy curriculum development and implementation at the K-8 level.  Papers from research and presentations as well as links to videos of classroom sessions using the program are available. Although this is a curriculum development program, there are sufficient resources to find information about literacy and science integration, alignment to the science standards and framework goals, and serving as a pipeline for early development of literacy skills, as listed in the College Board Science and Literacy standards. There is a modest link offering professional development services, given their emphasis on curriculum development.