SEL Assess Resources

The University of British Columbia (UBC), with the support of the Edith Lando Charitable Foundation, has created a "Social & Emotional Learning Resource Finder," a searchable collection of SEL resources for educators and adults who work with students. Within this site, there is a curated selection of SEL assessment resources (the link to this sub-collection is found in the upper right hand corner of this page). Resources included in this sub-collection provide guidance to educators and adults to evaluate the success of their efforts to foster SEL in students.

Content Comments 

This searchable database of SEL assessment resources is user-friendly and well-organized. Interested users can select from several drop-down menus to find resources based on age groups, types of assessment resources (e.g., tools, websites, compendiums, books), and CASEL categories. Short summaries of each resource is provided. This sub-collection of SEL assessment resources is part of a larger collection of resources that include SEL research, lesson plans, and activities.