Set for Success: Building a Strong Foundation for School Readiness Based on the Social-Emotional Development of Young Children

This document, from the Kauffman Early Education Exchange, provides an in-depth look at the research, practice, and policy in social and emotional learning that can best prepare young children and their families for school success. The document contains six fully commissioned papers that highlight the link between social-emotional development in young children and later cognitive development. The papers are organized into three categories: views from research, views from the field, and implications for policy and practice.

Content Comments 

The papers published in this document focus on early childhood education and school readiness as it relates to social and emotional learning. The papers are cohesive in their theme of promoting social and emotional development in young children, and the document provides readers interested in this topic with the option of reading all six papers or a selection of them. The introduction is thorough and includes summaries for each paper, which makes this long document (121 pages long) accessible. It is important to note that the papers represent the latest scientific research and evidence at the time of publication in 2001, and while these findings are still relevant today, there has been more than a decade of research on social-emotional learning and school success since their publication. Nevertheless, the findings and recommendations are relevant for early childhood educators, parents, caregivers, community advocates, and policymakers.