Setting the Bar for High-Ability Students

The authors of this article suggest that "because the Common Core State Standards are benchmarks for all students, they are by definition insufficient for high-ability students. To meet the needs of high-ability students, teachers need professional development that includes strategies to differentiate instruction, modify assessments, and adjust the pace of learning." 

Content Comments 

This article addresses an important topic, gifted education, in relation to the Common Core State Standards. The authors make a number of reasonable recommendations, ranging from the early identification and early entrance of pre-k students into kindergarten, to allowing advanced middle school students to take high school courses for graduation credit. Although most of the authors' supporting evidence is anecdotal, they present it reasonably and logically. Communications quality is excellent. This is a concise, easy to read article with nice references to gifted resources. Utility should be reasonably high, and although evidence of effectiveness is not discussed, the potential for a positive impact on learning is strong.