Social-Emotional Learning Assessment Measures for Middle School Youth

This report, commissioned by the Raikes Foundation, identified valid, reliable, and useable school-wide assessments for social and emotional learning to help schools and districts identify tools that could be useful in determining successful SEL programs. The authors conducted an extensive review of existing assessment tools used to measure middle school students' SEL. Out of the 73 instruments identified and evaluated, 10 assessments met the authors' criteria on sound psychometric properties, suitability for program evaluation, and availability for schools to access and obtain information. 

Content Comments 

This resource is long, but the bulk of this report is information on each of the 10 assessments that met the authors' criteria in determining whether or not to recommend them for school–wide assessment. The report includes a helpful table that summarizes all 10 assessments in terms of rating type (e.g., self report, teacher/staff report) and core SEL competencies addressed (e.g., self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills). For each of the 10 assessments included, information such as target age, constructs measured, strengths and weaknesses, technical properties, and availability (e.g., costs) are provided. Although some of the information provided in this report may be outdated (it was published in 2011), this is a highly informative resource for those interested in SEL assessments for middle school students.