South Carolina STEAM Implementation Continuum

“The purpose of the South Carolina STEAM Implementation Continuum is to provide statewide guidance and consistency with regard to STEAM implementation. To accomplish that purpose, the document sets forth a common language for STEAM implementation and establishes indicators in a continuum format that describe early or “Emerging” to model or “Practicing” STEAM schools or programs. For a school/district that is interested in STEAM implementation, the continuum should serve as a self-reflection readiness tool. For a school/district that currently has a STEAM program, the continuum may be used as a tool or rubric to guide self-reflection related to the status of STEAM implementation and to plan STEAM-related action steps for the future” (p. 1).

The continuums are divided into three levels:

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

Content Comments 


This document provides educators at the school, district, and state levels with a useful tool to make judgments on the level of STEAM implementation occurring at a school site. The continuum, or rubric, is also helpful to those who are at the beginning stages of developing a STEAM program because it lays out the criteria needed for quality implementation and programs. An accompanying document is the STEAM glossary.