The State of American Indian & Alaska Native Education in California 2014

The focus of this report is on the programs and services offered to American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) students at each of California’s higher education institutions: community colleges, the California State University system, and the University of California system. The authors present data on AI/AN student enrollment from 2002–2012 at each of the campuses, including numbers of transfer students. Included in this report are vignettes of programs and supports offered at different California higher education campuses that encourage AI/AN enrollment, persistence, and success. While this report is focused on higher education, it does also provide data on AI/AN student enrollment in California higher education institutions. In light of efforts to improve college- and career-readiness and increase the number of underrepresented students in higher education, this paper could be valuable in terms of presenting enrollment trends and practices that encourage AI/AN students to persist and thrive in higher education.

Content Comments 

This resource is of high quality in terms of the relevant information it provides to raise the overall achievement level a for California American Indians and Alaska Natives. It is of good communication quality, presenting information in both text and table format. The data it presents is extensive and useful. It has the potential to have a high impact on California Indian achievement for both college and career readiness and success in higher education.