STEAM Georgia: Guiding Document for STEAM Certification

Georgia Department of Education provides STEAM certifications to whole schools or programs within schools. This guidance document provides definitions to help schools understand what is included in a STEAM education. The STEAM Georgia webpage, where this document is housed, includes other helpful guidance documents to support schools in becoming a state-recognized program.

Content Comments 

This document and the webpage that houses it provide very useful information to help schools and districts implement STEAM programs. The documents also serve as a model for other states interested in creating a similar system. STEAM certification materials are organized by grade level span: elementary, middle, and high school. Within those grade spans are presentation slides that provide the process for certification and a continuum document rubric that describes the level of STEAM implementation, from pre-implementation to full implementation. For school-, district-, and state-level educators interested in developing and implementing STEAM programs, this is an excellent site.