STEAM Portal

This website features several helpful resources on integrating STEAM in the classroom. Contents include Tools & Tips, Workshops, Courses, and Certification.

Content Comments 

The Steam Portal includes numerous free content and some paid content for school and district educators on implementing STEAM in classrooms. The “Tools & Tips” section of the website is perhaps the most useful for teachers. It contains STEAM-related articles, lesson ideas, and videos. Also potentially helpful are the free online workshops with downloadable materials and supporting resources. Content on this website can be difficult to find; however, the bottom of every webpage has a section that organizes the content by topics and types of material in the Learning Hub (e.g., daily magazine, series, smART ideas videos), which may be an easier way to navigate the website to find content.

This product included in the CSAI library was chosen based on its wide use, and its selection is not intended to convey any endorsement. Please use your own professional judgment in selecting, using, or purchasing this product.