STEM Immersion Guide

The STEM Immersion Guide is web-based and provides a framework to help educators in Arizona develop STEM programs. “The STEM Immersion Guide contains key design elements that support project-based, interdisciplinary STEM instruction by providing practical tools and information to enable teachers, schools and districts, and administrators that want to improve student outcomes by integrating STEM.” The website includes an interactive and a downloadable version of the guide, as well as a self-assessment of a school/district’s current level of STEM implementation, an implementation guide, and additional resources.

Content Comments 

Although written for Arizona educators, the STEM Immersion Guide is broadly applicable to states and districts throughout the U.S. The materials on this website are organized and easy to use. The self-assessment allows school and district personnel to rate their level of STEM program development, from Exploratory, Introductory, Partial, Immersion, and Full Immersion. Listed under these levels are key design considerations related to six targeted categories: Leading, Teaching, Learning, Evaluating, Budgeting, and Sustaining. Once a level of implementation is determined, educators can follow a roadmap or check-off list for planning and implementation of a STEM program.