STEM Indicators

SRI International created this website to supported efforts by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to implement a set of 14 key indicators that can be used by policymakers, researchers, and practitioners to monitor components of K-12 STEM education and to guide improvements. Through this website, SRI supports NSF’s work in STEM indicators through hosting convenings with researchers and grant awardees and disseminating their work. According to SRI, the website is designed largely with STEM education researchers in mind, as it provides a central hub for information about NSF-funded indicators-related research.

Content Comments 

This website provides a wealth of resources on the 14 STEM indicators developed by the NRC. Although the website is designed for researchers in mind, policymakers and educators will find the content helpful in understanding the research behind the indicators. The indicators are also easily accessible, and clicking on each brings up its definition. The video showcase and interactive road map are also informative.