Strategies for Communicating Results: Using the Change to Common Core Linked Assessments

From the Producer: "In this online webinar, REL Mid-Atlantic, Division H of the American Educational Research Association, and REL Northwest teamed up for a presentation and discussion of strategies that states and districts can use to communicate with the public about the new assessments linked to the Common Core." The main speaker, Joshua Thomases, Dean at the Bank Street College of Education, shared New York City lessons from new Common Core-based assessments in 2012/13."

Content Comments 

The purposes of this webinar are well stated and met. Anyone interested in how to effectively communicate with the public about educational reform, including more than just the Common Core and new assessments, will likely find value in this resource. Although the webinar is long, about 90 minutes, the lessons shared by the main speaker, Josh Thomases, formerly with New York City Department of Education, should help others to learn from his experiences in communicating about new state assessments aligned to the Common Core. Questions from the audience were very much on target and Josh's answers were helpful. As with most webinars, there are a few initial technical issues that are quickly resolved. For those who wish to skip the introductions, Josh's presentation begins at about 9 minutes into the program. Utility should be very high. This is a good resource that should help educators frame and deliver their messages.