Student Assessment Inventory for School Districts: Guidance for School Districts

From the publisher: "The purpose of this document is to provide guidance and key questions to assist district and community leaders—superintendents, assessment and curriculum leads, teacher leaders, school board members, and local advocates—in ensuring that their district’s assessment inventory process is meaningful and actionable. This guidance is organized by stages of the assessment inventory process: Reflect and Plan, Conducting and Analyzing the Inventory, and Making Recommendations. An additional section, Communications and Messaging, provides guidance on communicating and transparency throughout the inventory process."

Content Comments 

The purposes of this resource are clearly described and met. Although many school districts are well into conducting their assessment inventories, this relatively concise resource may help build on existing efforts. Several sections, for example those regarding moving inventory results into action as well as communicating the school district's message, should be particularly helpful. Communications quality is excellent; the resource uses easy to understand language and a minimum of technical terms. Utility should be quite high, especially with the extra links to other resources within the guidance. Evidence of effectiveness is not provided and could be enhanced with some real "in-use" examples. However, based on overall quality, this resource suggests a possible impact on student learning.