Successful STEM Education

This website, funded by the National Science Foundation, provides resources and events that highlight promising practices and tools in support of effective STEM education. The information on the website is designed for those involved in K-12 education to take action on creating successful STEM programs: policymakers; school and district decision-makers; local, state, and federal government agencies; curriculum developers; educators; and advocacy groups. The resource library includes STEM programs and projects that were featured in site-sponsored events, as well as briefs based on research and recommendations from the National Research Council reports on successful STEM programs.

Content Comments 

The main content of the website is the resource library, which contains dozens of thoroughly-reviewed, high-quality resources. Users are able to search for resources based on events and resource type; however, there isn’t a way to find specific STEM topics (e.g., measures, indicators, assessment, curriculum) through the resource library main page. Instead, users will be better served using the search function found at the top of each page.