Supporting English Language Learners: A Pocket Guide for State and District Leaders

This guide, developed by the Center for English Language Learners at AIR, summarizes the ELL-relevant information presented in approved applications for Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) flexibility waivers. The guide includes information on: requirements for each principle related to ELLs in the flexibility waivers; descriptions of how the plans addressed ELLs; considerations for research-based enhancements to current policy and practice; and examples of state and district innovations for ELLs related to the waiver provisions. From the information described in the review of the ESEA flexibility waivers, the authors suggest promising practices and policies to address ELL students' needs

Content Comments 

This is an excellent resource for state and district leaders as they implement ESEA flexibility plans with a focus on supporting English language learners. It provides detailed and practical suggestions for successful implementation based on current research. It also includes specific examples of states and districts that have implemented ESEA flexibility plans with strong programs supporting English language learners.